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Sublime PHP Namespace

A "3 in 1" package to use PHP Namespaces with SublimeText 2 and 3

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Copy current namespace alt+c

It builds the current file namespace and copies it into the clipboard.

Note It can be used via "Goto File" overlay.

Insert namespace alt+i

It builds and inserts (or replaces) the namespace <...>; statement of the current file.

Insert "use" statement alt+u

It builds the use <...>; statement of the current file namespace and inserts it into the last active file.

Note It can be used via "Goto File" overlay.

Remove useless "use" statements alt+r

This command scan the current file namespaces and check remove those that are no longer used.

WarningThis command is command is currently unstable.

Implement interface alt+y

This awesome command extends or implements the selected class or interface, all abstract methods that does not exist are automaticaly implemented and the "use" statement is inserted.

Note It can be used via "Goto File" overlay.


With Package Control

Look for the package named PhpNamespace.

With Git

Move to your SublimeText Packages folder and clone it :

git clone PhpNamespace

If you have SublimeText 3, use ST3 branch :

git checkout ST3


                        "php_namespace.stop_folders": [
The php_namespace.stop_folders setting is used for php_namespace_insert_namespace command. It defines the folders where the namespace building has to stop.